Art therapy, a remedy through artistic self-expression. What better way to exult and indulge in self-pleasing than going away on an artistic venture. We've all heard of them. Whether we call them painting holidays, drawing holidays or watercolour holidays, those terms all amount to the same thing; letting go, unplugging from our daily digital lives and going back to the basics of creativity. Even if different media are used in these art holidays, they all cater to a few days of unleashed freedom to lose ourselves to that careless resourcefulness that is hidden deep within most of us. Just yelling to get out there and put it all on a canvas in spectacular   

it all on a canvas in spectacular surroundings. Repressing creativity is  known to oppress us as human beings. Some believe we are phylo-genetically programed to represent our surroundings in the form of art. Our modern lives in today's society leave us little time in our daily schedules to unwind in creative ways. We are not only deprived of sleep, but also of genuine recreational free time where, yes, we can go and paint or draw for 2 hours without being disturbed or feeling guilty of taking time for ourselves. So, travel companies that offer painting trips are flourishing. People are officially taking time for themselves, joining other people with the same interests, and most often go home "relieved", fulfilled, gratified and at peace with their inner artistic selves. Only to come back for a new painting vacation a year later. Because, well yes, life is short and needs to be lived fully, the way we intend to live it.

Azenart Holidays offer week-long art breaks in Italy with 6 full days or more of painting or drawing (free choice of art medium) creative tutoring in beautiful places like Venice, Rome, Cinque Terre, Amalfi/Pompeii, Capri, Tuscany & Florence, and the South of France. You'll enjoy our fabulous painting sites and excursions on all of our spectacular destinations. Our Amalfi painting vacation includes visits and painting/tutoring in the ruins of Pompeii, Amalfi, Sorrento, Capri and Procida islands (or Ischia, depending on the season). Our Capri painting vacation concentrates on the jewels directly on the island of Capri, which we know well. Painting sites differ every day, and there are also days where participants get free mornings and plenty of time to rest and do their own sightseeing.