CAPRI painting/drawing holiday- £175 Deposit - September 22 - 29 2019

CAPRI painting/drawing holiday- £175 Deposit - September 22 - 29 2019


Capri Painting Holiday | September 22 - 29 2019. 

Price of course: £390. Accommodation: 7 nights SINGLE ROOM, £390 for the week.


  • Sunday to Sunday on the island with 6 days of great TUTORING in painting/drawing in a small group.

  • ART EQUIPMENT: Stool, board/easel provided for the duration of your plein air art class.

  • ART MATERIALS: Paint, paintbrushes, paper.

  • Stunning EXCURSIONS on Capri guided by your tutor, who will take you to paint/draw on jaw-dropping art excursions. Painting spots at overly exciting places like Monte Solaro and its breathtaking views, Belvedere Punta Cannone (Faraglioni di Capri), and Marina Piccola. Visit to Villa San Michele.

(Remaining balance of £215 to be paid 60 days before departure, as well as accommodation payment).

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Not included: Getting to Capri, meals (not including meals is economical. Budget depends on what you order. You can also make ‘at-home’ meals), bus tickets on the island (about £20 total), Monte Solaro and Villa San Michele (£20 for both).

Deposits are non-refundable.