CINQUE TERRE - £175 Deposit - April 14 -21 2019

CINQUE TERRE - £175 Deposit - April 14 -21 2019


Course price: £390. Accommodation; 7 nights in a regular SINGLE ROOM: £360.


  • Sunday to Sunday on site.

  • Plein-air (outdoors) tutoring in a relaxed environment from a talented tutor. 

  • Art equipment provided: Board, stool, easel (if need).

  • Art materials: Paint, paintbrushes, paper.

  • Different exciting excursions every day at Riomaggiore, Monterosso Al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, and Manarola.

  • 7 nights SINGLE ROOM accommodation at a comfortable condo/flat (shared among guests and tutor).

    (Remaining balance of £215 is to be paid 60 before departure at the latest, as well as accommodation payment.)


Not included: Getting to Cinque Terre, meals (not including meals is economical. Budget depends on what you order. You can also make at-home meals), train tickets to travel between villages (£2 each).