Sun October 14 - Sat October 20 2018    **SOLD OUT** 


Sun April 21 - Sun April 28 2019 (Now open for booking)

Fabulous art holiday in Italy!

Single room accommodation in SORRENTO.

A spectacular artistic adventure you'll never forget on the remarkable Amalfi coast in the heart of the Mediterranean. 

Painting / drawing on extraordinary excursions to beautiful SORRENTO, breathtaking POSITANO, intriguing POMPEII, colorful PROCIDA and majestic CAPRI.


Painting holiday Amalfi.jpeg

Paint (or draw, whatever you prefer) in a small group with a talented tutor in one of the most breathtaking places on the Mediterranean!


The Amalfi Coast art holiday group will stay in Sorrento in a group rental (house or condo/flat). From there, the group and tutor will head every morning for painting outings, extraordinary excursions, and group meals. The tutor will teach and also guide the group throughout the week to some astonishing two-in-one sightseeing/painting sites. 

We take you within the depths of the incredible unearthed ancient city that is Pompeii, where you’ll discover its secrets, admire the bejeweled remnants of a surprising lifestyle, and be forever moved by the eternal silence of its inhabitants. On this one of a kind painting trip, you also discover Positano, a jewel nested on the Amalfi Coast, where blue is bluer than blue. Your palette will overflow with colors, and painting/drawing takes a whole new dimension. On this art trip you also get to capture in color, the marvelous island of Capri.



  • Day 1 (day of arrival): Tutor and artists meet in the afternoon. Introduction to the painting holiday. Group dinner.

  • Day 2: Morning breakfast at our group rental. 9:30 am, the plein-air painting workshop starts in the beautiful city of SORRENTO where the tutor gives an artistic briefing. The group sketches, paints / draws until lunch break. Group and tutor visit and paint a different view of SORRENTO in the afternoon. Around 4 pm, it's off for a well-deserved coffee or tea break at a nearby café, where there is informal and constructive talk about the day's work. Free time, then dinner.

  • Day 3: Breakfast, short briefing, then it's time for the ferry (stunning views!) to utterly beautiful POSITANO directly on the Amalfi coast where tutor and group spends the day painting / drawing.  Lovely lunch there. Afternoon session spent painting a different view.  Back to Sorrento by ferry by the end of the afternoon. Dinner.

Italy painting holiday
  • Day 4: Lovely breakfast, short morning briefing. Enjoyable morning ferry,  this time to the famous and beautiful island of CAPRI where tutor and group spend the day painting / drawing at Monte Solaro and Anacapri, where we'll also have lunch. Back to Sorrento by ferry in the evening. Dinner.

Capri art holiday
  • Day 5: Breakfast, briefing. Day trip to PROCIDA island (45 mn ferry ride). Painting / drawing the whole afternoon after group lunch break. The group visits and paints 2 different views of the island. Ferry back to Sorrento. Dinner.

Amalfi painting art holiday
  • Day 6: A short morning train ride from Sorrento. Group and tutor spend the day in POMPEII, sightseeing. No full-fledged painting inside, just sketching or watercolor pencils, as for safety reasons, they no longer allow backpacks. Around noon, time for lunch just outside of the ruins. The afternoon is spent in a different part of the ruins. Group and tutor leave the site at about 4:30 pm. Back to Sorrento by train. Back to the condo (flat) for briefing and good-byes.

 Sketching in Pompeii

Sketching in Pompeii

  • Day 7: Lovely breakfast. 9:30 am, we spend our last day in SORRENTO. Group and tutor visit and paint/draw a different view of SORRENTO morning and afternoon until 4:00 pm. Free time. Dinner.

  • Day 8: Last breakfast as a group. Tutor and group then travel to Naples airport by train. Goodbyes.

What’s included?

  • 1 week of artful togetherness with 6 days of tutoring with a qualified tutor who knows the area of this painting trip and who will guide you throughout the week.

  • Accommodation: 7 nights, single room in a comfortable rented apartment amongst guests and tutor.

  • Art materials provided: Paint/pencils, paper.

  • Equipment provided on this Amalfi art vacation: Board, stool, easel.

  • The tutor guides the group on breathtaking excursions throughout the week.

  • Free for non-painting partner or friend sharing a room with painting/drawing participant.  

Finally, a painting holiday in Europe where you can do art in fabulous Sorrento, Positano on the Amalfi coastPompeii and on the islands of Capri and Procida on the same trip. Join us!


Naples airport is accessible from major European cities. It is also possible to fly Rome and then take a train to Sorrento. Flights can be as low as £40 when booking early, and less than $400 from overseas. - Accommodation: group rental (house or apartment) with single rooms. (from £200 - 250 per person, for the week) - Restaurant lunches, dinners, cafés (budget depends on what you order etc). - Transportation: [Some are free for 65+]: Sorrento - Pompeii train (£5 round trip), Sorrento to Positano ferry (£25 round trip on average), Sorrento - Capri ferry (£35 round trip on average). Sorrento to Procida ferry (about £35 round trip on average). Pompeii entry ("skip the line" £12 for EU citizens, or £17 other).  A few bus tickets in Sorrento and Capri. Naples airport - Sorrento train (£7 round trip).