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CAPRI, ITALY ART HOLIDAY 2018 & 2019. A beautiful island just waiting for you off the Amalfi Coast in Italy. Painting/drawing course in the open air. Join us today for an unbelievable art adventure.

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On this art holiday, you can choose to paint or to make it a drawing holiday in Italy, or do both.


  • Sunday to Sunday island time with 6 full days of painting/drawing in a small group with a qualified tutor.

  • ART MATERIALS provided: Paint and paper. 

  • ART EQUIPMENT: Stool, board/easel provided for the duration of your plein air art class.

  • Stunning EXCURSIONS on Capri guided by your tutor, who will take you to paint/draw on jaw-dropping art excursions. New painting spots every day at overly exciting places like Monte Solaro and its breathtaking views, and Belvedere Punta Cannone (Faraglioni di Capri). Participants wishing to visit the Villa Lysis will be able to do so. 

Accommodation: Those wishing to share accommodation (single room) amongst participants and tutor (house or condo rental) should let us know when booking. Cost is £300 to £400 per week per person.

Mobility: Please note that although you do not need to be an athlete to join this painting holiday, you will need to be able to walk without strain at a normal no-rush pace anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes at a time to get to places. It is also  frequent to have to walk up and down steps on the island of Capri. 


You've been looking for a painting or drawing holiday on the very island of Capri? Well, this is it! 

On Azenart's Capri art holiday, you’ll be blown away by this awe-inspiring authentic Mediterranean island with its beaches, beautiful cliffs, hills and typical colours and flavours of the mediterranean. You’ll want to paint or sketch in plein air until you drop!  An island so beautiful you won’t know where to look first. Join us for this unforgettable creative adventure. We can accept up to 8 participants on this Italian painting/drawing trip. 


DAY 1 (Day of arrival)

Sorrento Capri ferry

The tutor will meet the group at NAPLES AIRPORT, and accompany guests to the FERRY, which will arrive in CAPRI. Everyone will be getting great views already! Once the luggage in place at the accommodation, and all are freshened up and rested, we'll go out and have dinner.

Every day there onwards will start with breakfast, then the tutor's 15 minutes explanations of that day's "work".


  • Our first painting session will be on the coast. The view; reddish rock and blue-green sea, is pure pleasure, wherever you look. The Mediterranean will have your every sense overflowing in its hues, delicious scents and Italian ambiance.

  • Group lunch at a local restaurant. Delicious seafood or simple pasta. Al dente. Of course.

  • Afternoon painting with tutor and group at the pittoresque MARINA PICCOLA. We’ll be painting scenery. We'’ll have a choice between the water and its fishing boats, the colorful shops and a many other subjects.

  • Free time around 4:30.

  • Group dinner at a local restaurant.

Marina Piccola Capri


Capri Monte Solaro.JPG
  • Painting a major part of our day painting at MONTE SOLARO. Highest point of the island (589 m) which we'll reach by a very entertaining chairlift (don't worry, even 8 year-olds take it) The view is guaranteed to leave you speechless. Photos will speak for themselves on this one.

  • Lunch at Monte Solaro.

  • Free time at about 4:30 pm.

  • Dinner



  • Painting at MARINA GRANDE for a major part of our painting day. You’ll be able to capture Capri’s architecture with arched windows, its colors, its odd-looking taxis, its cliffs and so on.

  • Group lunch at a restaurant at the marina.

  • Free time at about 4:30.

  • Dinner

Capri Marina Grande.jpg


  • Morning painting session at the town's centre with the Piazzetta Umberto. From there, we'll have a beautiful view of Capri.

  • Lunch at the town's center.

  • After lunch, we'll get ready for an easy-paced 20-minute walk to reach PUNTA CANONNE BELVEDERE, with an overly spectacular view (simply heavenly eye food!) where we'll paint the famous rocks that often represent Capri, the FARAGLIONI DI CAPRI.

  • Back to town centre by about 5 or 5:30.

  • Free time.

  • Dinner

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Villa San Michele Capri.JPG
  • Painting at ANACAPRI for a major part of the day, with a visit to the famous Swedish physician Axel Munth's VILLA SAN MICHELE. This villa is known in Capri for its spectacular views and for the villa itself. To die for.

  • Free time around 4:30 pm

 View from Villa San Michele, Capri.

View from Villa San Michele, Capri.

Once the day is done, you will want to stop at the shops on the way back; one of them being THE LIMONCELLO (a lemon drink specialist). Another is L'Oasi Ceramiche (gorgeous local ceramics).


  • Painting site left open (group’s choice).

  • Lunch

  • Free time around 4:00 pm.

  • Dinner

Italy painting holiday Capri


  • Breakfast

  • Ferry back to mainland Italy with group and tutor. Groups travels to the airport. Goodbyes.


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Planning my Capri painting / drawing trip:

  • Nearby airports are accessible from major European cities. Flights can be as low as £40 when booking early, and less than $400 from overseas.

  • Accommodation: Shared rental among participants and tutor (£300 - £400 for 7 night per person for a single room) or our recommended hotel: Weber hotel on CAPRI ISLAND. Prices when booking early are £60 / night pp, double (tax + breakfast included), £97 / night for a single room including tax and breakfast.)

  • Meals.

  • Local group transportation in Capri. Local buses (about £5 per day) and Monte Solaro chairlift (£9). Villa San Michele entry (£7).

  • Ferry from mainland Italy (£35 round trip).

This Capri art vacation is a watercolor painting holiday, but not solely. Other media possible, include, any drawing media, hard pastels, acrylics, and oils (although slow drying times and difficult portability make it a tricky medium on painting holidays. A wet carry case is a must.)