• Capri
  • Italy


MAGNIFICENT painting holiday on the island of CAPRI in Italy. Sunday to Sunday, TUTORING, painting/drawing in a small group. ART MATERIALS & ART EQUIPMENT provided. Stunning EXCURSIONS on Capri guided by your tutor, who will take you to paint/draw on jaw-dropping art excursions. Painting spots at overly exciting places: Monte Solaro and its breathtaking views, Belvedere Punta Cannone (Faraglioni di Capri), and Marina Piccola. Visit to Villa San Michele.


DAY 1 Arrival. Airport meet-up with tutor and group in Naples. Ferry to Capri.

DAY 2 Late breakfast with a relaxed post-travel morning at the house/condo. Lunch and afternoon painting at the extremely charming and pittoresque MARINA PICCOLA.

DAY 3 Tutoring and late morning visit to the famous Swedish physician Axel Munth's sensational VILLA SAN MICHELE. Lunch. Afternoon painting session spent in ANACAPRI, painting/drawing at beautifual and historical LA CASA ROSSA.

DAY 4 Tutoring and late morning: Group and tutor will go up MONTE SOLARO by a very fun chairlift and fall in love with its spectacular 360 views of the island.

DAY 5 Day of tutoring and painting a still life / vegetation at the rental. Lunch, wine and chips and fun.

DAY 6 Morning visit of Capri town’s Piazza Umberta. Lunch at Ristorante LONGANO. Afternoon 15 mn walk up to PUNTA CANONNE BELVEDERE to reach spectacular view of the FARAGLIONI DI CAPRI.

DAY 7 At mid-morning, we will head for MARINA GRANDE for a major part of our painting day. Ancient fishing port, picturesque Capri’s, cliffs. Loveliness overload.


Ferry back to mainland Italy with group and tutor. Groups travels to the airport. Goodbyes.


£390 per person for the course.

Accommodation: 7 nights in a Single Room in most probably a house (but could also be a condo). £300 - £400 for the week.

Meals: restaurant meals and a couple of home-cooked meals (including breakfast). Cost of meals depends on each person, what you order etc. 

Ferries Naples-Capri-Naples: £35. A few bus tickets on the island (£1.50 each). Entry to Villa San Michele (£7). Chairlift to Monte Solaro (£10).