About Us.

AZENART PAINTING HOLIDAYS is a travel agency which specializes in artistic travel, also known as painting holidays, art vacations, and drawing holidays. We design and deliver specific art holidays for painters, or people who enjoy drawing, and people interested in discovering art. Participants can be complete beginners, false beginners (people who have painted a little before), intermediate (improvers), or confirmed artists.

Our motivations. We aspire to give people who enjoy doing art and traveling, a fully enjoyable week of painting (or drawing) at fabulous art sites where they will also sight-see.

Our pluses.

  1. Our destinations. When going on one of our painting holidays, you are sure to be in the heart of the art for the entire week, getting a lot of eye-candy without long commuting. Our destinations are top must-see spots: Venice, Capri, Amalfi Coast, Tuscany & Florence, Cinque Terre, Rome, Nice - South of France. We choose specific places to bring our groups within these destinations where painting and tutoring can be done in serenity.

  2. A fun combination of painting and sightseeing. With AZENART, you are not only getting painting holidays with fabulous painting sites, but you will also greatly enjoy sightseeing in the magical places where we will take you.

    Please note: Our art trips are designed to give you time to rest and to have some “you” time.

  3. Our excursions: Our painting vacations are punctuated with some day trips to top of the notch painting / drawing spots within our destinations. More on our excursions on our destination pages in our top menu.

  4. Our multi-media art tutors: On Azenart painting holidays, you can choose to paint or draw. You can choose from diverse painting media (watercolor, acrylics, oils, gouache… and if you like to draw, you can choose to use graphites, hard pastels, ink etc.) as our talented tutors are able to teach these different media.

  5. The accommodation we choose: Our groups stay close to where the art is. Ideally, we like to be in the quiet spots ten to fifteen minutes away from central places. That way, everyone is rested, and close enough to get to terrific painting spots without long commuting time. We try and choose houses / villas over condos, whenever possible, as these are more likely to have gardens to have painting sessions in.

  6. Our group sizes. Groups are small, with an average of 5 or 8 + the tutor. Because we like to manage and keep a certain coziness, groups will not exceed 8 on most of our destinations, and can be as low as 4.

Are you ready for Azenart painting holidays? If you recognize yourself in what follows, consider yourself ready to join us!

Do you like traveling and painting (or drawing)? Do you ever feel like people around you don't fully measure your artistic capacity or interest? Like it's a secondary matter? Well, when you're on a painting break, you are in an art cocoon for a week, where everyone speaks your 'language'; the language of creation, of art. No need to be a connaisseur or art historian. You and the other participants will be like-minded when it comes to art. They’ll see, much like you probably do, everything around them as “paintable”, and look at the surroundings with the very same enchantment you have when seeing colors, shapes, reflections of water or objects... People on art vacations often ask themselves, "Why hadn't I traveled like this before?" Some art travelers are afraid of joining groups alone but they quickly realize that most participants go on art holidays by themselves, soon to make friends, and often end up keeping in contact.

Azenart is registered in London UK.