TUSCANY PAINTING HOLIDAY | Painting in the gorgeous countryside with a day of sightseeing in FLORENCE.

This Painting (and drawing) Holiday in Tuscany is for participants of all artistic levels, and the following media: Watercolors, acrylics, drawing, hard pastels, gouache, oils. 

2019 DATES: Completed.

2020 DATES: June 4 - 11 2020

Painting holiday Tuscany Florence

You have been looking for an art holiday in Tuscany where you can paint or draw in Tuscan rolling hills? We at Azenart have the perfect painting trip for you. In addition to having your own single room in a Tuscan house, full of charm, with a swimming pool and a view on a picturesque village, you will also have one day to sight-see and discover the heart of FLORENCE, Italy.


Painting holiday Tuscany
  • Painting course (or drawing) with talented tutor.

  • Art equipment included.

  • Art Materials included.

  • 7 nights SINGLE ROOM accommodation in a lovely Tuscan villa in the countryside. En-suite rooms available.

  • Meals: Breakfast + Lunch at the villa.

  • A chauffeured vehicle at the villa for outings.

  • Site-seeing and guiding on excursions (Tuscany countryside).

  • A day of sight-seeing in the center of Florence.

Where will we stay on this Italian art holiday in Tuscany ?

Tuscany painting holiday

On this magnificent painting trip, group and tutor will stay at a very lovely 220 M2 Tuscan house near Monte San Savino where guests will have a SINGLE ROOM. This house holds some en-suite bedrooms, regular single rooms and one twin bedroom. The villa, in the heart of Tuscany, is extremely peaceful and surrounded by nature. Immediate surroundings hold olive trees, poppies, rolling hills and all sort of birds. Guests will enjoy comfortable rooms, a furnished patio and a swimming pool with massage water jets!

Where will we paint / draw?

Tutoring with talented tutor Marie Remond will be at the villa in Tuscany, with 2 afternoons at neighboring villages. Guests will have plenty of time to relax, explore and paint the impeccably restored farmhouse, its gardens, its views and swimming pool. There is also a lovely covered veranda.



Not much walking at the villa or surroundings sites. Please note however that on this painting holiday in Tuscany, you will need to be able to walk without strain at a normal no-rush pace to get to places in Florence, where we will spend a day sight-seeing. A chauffeured vehicle is rented for outings around the villa.

About the tutor:

Marie Remond, tutor.

Marie Remond, tutor.

Marie Remond is the tutor on this art holiday in Tuscany. Not only is Marie a talented people-lover, she is also funny and up-lifting. She makes her students feel at ease as early as the first painting session, and encourages them to apply easy techniques. Confirmed artists that are somewhat artistically set in their ways will enjoy great freedom to pursue painting Tuscany the way they had planned to, all the while picking up a few helpful techniques.

What will I learn?

First and foremost, as days go by, you will learn self confidence as an artist. You (like the other guests) have your own style which is to be praised for its individuality and originality or simplicity. Your tutor will never compare anyone’s painting styles. You will be encouraged to develop your own approach to painting (or drawing). The tutor will be there to help you develop your artistic individuality and also to help you with new techniques without deterring your artistic uniqueness. Tutoring will always be inspiring, full of positive vibes, and in a relaxed environment.

Whichever medium you have chosen, you will learn or improve your compositions, value, colors (mixing), brushwork and perspectives in fun and easy ways. If you are doing watercolors you will learn or improve all of the above, plus how to do different washes (glazed, flat, graded, wet-on-wet) and also dry brush and splattering. You will also learn different color-lifting effects, and much more. If you’d like to read more about tutoring, you can visit our Tutoring Section.

Which medium can I use?

This is a multi-media art vacation where painting guests can choose from watercolors, any drawing medium, hard pastels, gouache, acrylics or oils*.

*(We do however wish to inform our guests that painting with oils on painting holidays is hazardous and complicated because of long drying times and portability.)

Will there be excursions?

Yes! When at the villa, we will visit and paint beautiful near-by village Monte San Savino and Gargonza Castello. We will also spend one day sight-seeing in downtown Florence.

Where will we have our meals?

We will have our lunches at the villa (included) every day except on our afternoon excursion to Gargonza castello. Dinner will be restaurant dinners (not included). Trattorias (local restaurants) are carefully selected for quality, service and reasonable pricing.

tuscany art vacation
casolare il moro 26 (2).jpg


Day 1: Arrival. Welcome drink.

Day 2: The day will be spent painting at the villa and enjoying the surroundings (swimming, etc.) We will have lunch at the villa, paint in the afternoon. In the evening, the chauffeur will pick-up our group for a restaurant dinner.

Day 3: Morning spent painting at the villa. Afternoon visit and painting at lovely Monte San Savino.

Day 4: Day spent painting at the villa and enjoying the surroundings. Lunch at the villa, chauffeur pick-up for a restaurant dinner.

Day 5: Morning spent painting at the villa. Chauffeur pick-up for lunch at Gargonza. Afternoon painting at the Gargonza castello.

Day 6: Day spent painting at the villa and enjoying the surroundings. Lunch at the villa, chauffeur pick-up for a restaurant dinner.

Day 7: Day spent painting at the villa and enjoying the surroundings. Evening vernissage at the villa where we celebrate everyone’s art work with wine and munchies, followed by a dinner party at the villa.

Day 8: Chauffeur group pick-up and drop off at Monte San Savino train station. (+-1 hour ride to Florence). Sightseeing in Florence. Goodbyes at the end of the day.

Please note that in case of rain, the group will paint in the veranda. Excursions will be maintained but we will sight-see and take pictures, and paint at the villa instead of on site.

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Planning my trip (what’s not included):

Getting to Florence and back. Train to Monte San Savino and back (+-£12 each way). 1 lunch and 5 Dinners: Cost depends on what you order, etc. possibility of at-home dinners). Your personal insurance.

This Tuscany and Florence painting holiday is a watercolor holiday, but also an acrylics and pastel, gouache and oil painting holiday, and is generally called a multi-media art holiday.