My first, most amazing painting holiday! I loved that the only thing I had to do all week was draw/paint and I got to experience Venice with a group of amazing people. Marie was my brain double and we had a lot of laughs together, she shared her knowledge and was so accommodating. The area we stayed was beautiful and not too touristy so we felt like we got the local flavour too. My stand out day was when we stayed in Burano and got to observe the wonderfully colourful fishing houses. I’m already starting to draw back home of the local buildings and contacting places to get permission to draw there also. Highly recommended.
— Caroline Vermeulen (UK)
It was a great week. The tutor and coordinator Marie is creative, generous and energetic. Her good sense of humour lubricated the group, making for a charming atmosphere. Artistically, she subtly and positively advised, suggested and encouraged as we each worked in our own way. The accommodation was good and we found pleasant restaurants to eat at...
— Stephen Alomnes (Australia)
The apartment booked by AZENART was in a quiet part of Venice which I appreciated. Our group had good fun sharing this comfortable space. I really enjoyed having the space and time to connect with others over breakfast. Our tutor Marie gave new techniques and encouraged us to try these out at specific times. The excursions were marvellous, great opportunities to go to places that I doubt I would have found the energy to manage solo. I also appreciated the flexibility offered during free time and evenings. When my energy was zapped it was a relief to be able to have a self catered meal and an early night. I am looking forward to booking two more, back to back, holidays on my next trip to Europe.
— Ann Jennison (New Zealand)
This was my 3rd painting holiday which I enjoyed tremendously! The tutoring was great with all the equipement provided. The organization was perfect from morning to evening. We had free time and very beautiful places to paint at every day. Very very beautiful. The time schedule was flexible which was great. Meals were also flexible. Most people went out with the group to restaurants for meals but one person in the group never had dinner and went to bed early, so this sort of arrangement was just right for everyone. The accommodation was a nice house close to everything. We took easy buses to get to painting sites for the most part.
— Max Harrisson (US)
It was a real fun painting and sight-seeing holiday. Marie brought us to many amazing spots in the Almafi Coast, Capri, Ischia, Sorrento, Pompei... She is a good painting instructor as well as a resourceful tour guide!! The holiday was really lovely, and I like it very much!!
— Becky C. (Hong Kong)
Our time in Capri was just extraordinary. The group itself, the tutoring tailored to everybody’s needs, the food, the island, the painting sites (oh the painting sites!!!) were absolutely amazing. The accommodation was comfortable and central. It was a house with single rooms for all of us. This is truly a must-go holiday, if you have to choose one, definitely choose this one!
— Maddy Moore (UK)
I really enjoyed this holiday in Venice with the Azenart painting holiday company. Venice to start with was too beautiful for words (although Venicians aren’t always that friendly, but nevermind that). Everything was nice concerning the holiday itself. We got excellent, almost royal treatment as guests from start to finish (!), beginning with the superbe wooden taxi boat that came to pick-up our group from the airport! The hotel was nice, four stars as promised, with Venitian decor. the food was local and quite delicious. The overall best surprise was the tutoring with Alan, who was very careful to give everyone the attention they needed. There was one chap in the group who was quite an experienced artist who didn’t need that much tutoring, which was fine, and Alan was good at not being ‘smothering’. He was perfect with the beginners and intermediate (like myself) giving me an accurate balance between freedom and guidance.
— Lizzy H. (SilverTraveller)
I have to say that this was a beautiful week in Venice, with a fun group! I am a beginner at painting, and our tutor was the absolute best. Funny, too. Our group was small (6 people), food was local, delicious. The hotel was quiet at night. I hope to be able to do this again soon!!!
— Julia A. (Chicago, USA) Google reviews
Quite pleased with this holiday from Azenart. Quality and commitment from beginning to end. Lovely. Our hotel was quite close to the places we were painting! And what places! Our tutor was attentive to us older folks who walked a little slowly, which was nice. We weren’t rushed at all. Getting to our painting spots was stressless and easy. You do need to be in sufficient shape to walk a little however, even if the pace is fairly slow. I was worried about the group’s average age but was surprised to see a mix of all ages (from about 30 years old to quite old, but fit). Our group only had 6 people in it, which was just right. Our tutor was patient and kind. We will miss her! I very much enjoyed our group painting and giggling and learned new techniques. Our lunches and dinners were great fun, and I found the free day a good idea in the end, as I thoroughly enjoyed visiting museums with two of the ladies from our group. To conclude, these painting holidays were a good find!
— Barbara Patterson - SilverTraveller
Great time painting in Italy with Azenart! Loved the group, (so nice to be with people who share my artistic interests). Our tutor was excellent. Way to go Alan!
— Toni B. (New Mexico, USA) Google reviews
Excellent holiday!! Perfect painting spots and hotel. I recommend this to anyone who wants to get away from it all and just paint!
— Camille LB. (Brittany, France) Google reviews
I just returned from a painting holiday with Azenart in Venice. I had a terrific time!!! As promised, I am writing a well-deserved review for this art vacation. Hotel, food, tutoring wth Alan, VENICE, everything was pretty amazing. Will return!!!
— Gail Dixon (Florida, USA) Google reviews
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