Brittany painting holiday

Enjoy Brittany like never before on a lovely painting holiday in Pont Aven- La Cité des Peintres (the city of painters), a little town in French Brittany’s Finistère region where post-impressionist Paul Gauguin loved to paint. This all media painting holiday is for artists of all levels. You’ll have a choice between watercolour, acrylics, oils, drawing, hard pastels or gouache. Tutor: Mary Greenacre.

What’s included?

Art holiday Brittany France
  • A lovely week in Pont Aven with 5 days of Tuition.

  • Art materials: Paper, paints, paintbrushes (/pencils if drawing, pastels, etc.) + other small accessories available from tutor.

  • Art equipment: Board, stool, easel (if working with acrylics or oil).

  • 6 nights SINGLE ROOM accommodation in Pont Aven with breakfast. Visit our Accommodation section.

  • Breakfast.

WEEKLY SCHEDULE for this Brittany painting holiday.

Day 1: Tutor and participants meet in Pont Aven. Wine welcome. Dinner outing.

Day 2: Breakfast at the house. After breakfast, the tutor will discuss artistic expectations with each guest individually. Then there will be morning preparatory sketching/painting of boats in Pont Aven. Free time to have lunch. Painting boats in the afternoon. Free time and dinner.

Day 3: Breakfast at the house. Morning preparatory sketching/painting of a lovely river scene. Free time to have lunch. Afternoon painting the river scene.

Day 4: After breakfast, the group will sketch/paint the lovely Pont Aven church. Lunch, then the afternoon will be spent painting in the church area.

Day 5: Breakfast, then mid-morning sketching/painting of a stony street scene. Time for lunch, then afternoon painting the street scene.

Day 6: Breakfast, then morning sketching/painting by the water. Lunch, then afternoon painting by the water.

Day 7: Breakfast and goodbyes.

Brittany France painting holiday

Mobility Rating: If you are generally relatively fit, you can skip this part.

Test: I can walk 15 minutes at a time and climb one flight of stairs without it being strenuous.

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