Our Tutors


Mary Greenacre


Mary studied painting at Loughborough College of Art & Design where she graduated. She became a teacher in UK schools, and taught for over 2 decades. She also exhibited in London galleries and won a number of awards including the Elizabeth Greenshields Award for figurative painting, and The Most Progressive Painting at the Pastel Society Exhibition in London (Mall Galleries). Mary has since relocated to Côte d'Armor, Brittanny (France) , where she is a full time artist and teacher. Mary lives with her partner, John, and their two dogs, Eddie and Annie.

Visit Mary's artist website on www.marygreenacreart.com

Marie Remond

Culturally Franco-American, Marie was born in France, and grew up in the Bahamas and the US. Passionate about art, she studied design starting 2001 at MJM school of design in the South of France. She was later a student at EESAB (Ecole Européenne Supérieure d'Art de Bretagne) in Britanny, where she studied painting and drawing. Marie's work regularly appears at different art shows including MJC Arteloire, Nautic Art and Beaux Arts in Brest. Her main media are acrylics and watercolour.

Visit Marie's facebook page: Marie Remond Art.


Delphine Constant

Delphine is originally from Lyon, France. She teaches art to adults at the prestigeous Beaux Arts of Brest, France. She graduated with an arts degree from the Paris Sorbonne, and went on to get her first and second masters at DNAP and DNSEP, at Ecole supérieure d'Art in Britanny.

Her work, mostly oil and watercolour paintings regular appear in art shows, including the Quartz, Maison de la Fontaine, Centre d'Art Passerelle, Gallery Artem and Camaret.


Alan Brimmings

Alan grew up in Mongolia and India, where he was an art instructor for 25 years. He developped a thirst for learning art, and particularly painting in his early days. He is mostly self-taught, but did study at the Beaux Arts of Paris in the 1970s. He is a watercolour painter, but also teaches drawing, and enjoys working with pastels. You'll love his personality, as he is quite witty, funny, always in a good mood and very attentive to others' needs when it comes to art. 

Which techniques will I learn on my plein air Painting Holiday?

Besides the joy of sharing a loved activity with the group on a painting holiday, you might be wondering what you'll be learning, which techniques you'll go home with. Using watercolour (and other know-hows with other media), and in a relaxed outdoors environment, we'll review different techniques. (Please see farther down below if using a dry medium like drawing, charcoal, pastels...) There are no obligations to follow exact instructions. We understand that some people will want to paint how they've painted for years. That is perfectly fine! 

Let us remember that a painting / drawing holiday is first and foremost an enjoyable break in a lovely place. You are there to paint, rest and relax. It is thus important finding the right balance between lessons and enjoyment. On your art vacation, you will be free to integrate these useful and easy to learn artistic techniques.

  • Flat wash (to obtain a solid colour throughout).
  • Graded wash (going from darker to lighter).
  • Glazed wash (working around objetcs).
  • Wet-in-Wet (applying colour while the paper is still wet)
  • Lifting wet colour (as an effect or to 'erase' or lighten colour).
  • Splattering (splattering paint on the paper with a finger from a paintbrush).
  • Dry brush (adding detail).
  • The use of different brushes.

At an easy sunny pace, we will learn:

  • How to make a croquis (drawing) before painting. 
  • Composition (which view and elements you will choose to be in your painting).
  • Colour (how to find and mix the right ones).
  • Value or tone (painting light and shadows).
  • Lines (horizon, houses...).
  • Shapes (the contour of things).
  • Textures (painting effects used to render a feel of its surface).