Join us for a fantastic art holiday in PARIS France to paint the delightful City of Lights. This quality art holiday offers small group Tuition from a qualified artist + Art Materials + Art Equipment + Single Room accommodation in Paris + Breakfast + Lunch + Weekly Pass + Bateau-Mouche cruise on the seine river in the center of Paris. ALL skill LEVELS. You’ll be able to choose from the following mediums: Watercolor, acrylic, oils, drawing, hard pastels, gouache. Visit our Accommodation section.

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Guests and tutor will meet at the accommodation in Paris for a welcome with wine. Then there will be a restaurant group dinner.

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(Due to Notre Dame events, we will be posting a new activity for Day 2). After a delicious breakfast at our Parisian apartment, the tutor will distribute the art materials and equipment to the painters or drawing artists. Guests will then take turns to discuss expectations and artistic matters with the tutor. There will then be some tuition, then lunch. In the early afternoon, the group will paint on the quiet banks of the seine river in the area of Notre Dame. After the painting session, the group will have some time to themselves, perhaps to visit the cathedral (optional) or other. In the evening, the group will have dinner.

About Notre Dame Cathedral: Construction began in 1160 and was completed by 1260. During the French revolution, much of its religious imagery was damaged or destroyed, and the cathedral was desacralized. Popular interest in the monument was revived in 1831 with Victor Hugo’s novel The Hunchback of Notredame. Today, beautiful Notre Dame Cathedral is a major tourist attraction.

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(Lionel de Barros)

(Lionel de Barros)


After breakfast, we will have an artful painting session on the terrace of our Paris apartment. We will then have lunch. After lunch, the afternoon will be spent painting at the delightful Les Jardins du Luxembourg.

About The Jardin du Luxembourg: The 23 hectares Luxembourg Gardens are located in the 6th district, in the heart of Paris below the Seine River. Marie de Medici (King Henry the 4th of France’s widow) created this garden for the Luxembourg palace she had constructed. The picturesque garden is now open to the public and owned by the French Senate whose members meet in the palace. Parisians loves spending time near the 1620 circular basin called Medici Fountain.

France painting holiday
Paris art holiday
France painting holiday


The morning will be spent on our lovely terrace painting. After lunch, we will head to Champs de Mars / Eiffel Tower to settle and paint. Champs de Mars is the immense field in front of the Tour Eiffel. Guests will get lovely open painting perspectives from there.

About the Eiffel Tower: Named after its engineer, Gustave Eiffel, the 324 meters on 3 levels wrought iron lady was built in 1889 for the World Fair. It was first criticized by the French, but saved Paris from being bombarded in the second world war thanks to radio telecommunication being emitted from its peak. It has long since been adopted by Parisians and the world in general. It is the most visited monument in the world with over 6 million visitors per year!

France art holiday


Paris Seine river cruise/Bateaux-mouches (included) or free morning if you’d like to rest, paint or visit Paris. In the afternoon, group and tutor will head for a quiet place along the Seine river bank to paint a picturesque river scene of Paris.

Painting holiday in Paris


Breakfast. Morning painting at the accommodation. Lunch. Afternoon painting at the accommodation.


After breakfast, we will head to the sumptuous Palace of Versailles. We will have lunch at a Versailles bistro. In the afternoon, we will visit this architectural beauty and sketch in the incredible gardens.

About Le Palais de Versailles: Versailles Palace was the royal residence of King Louis XIV in 1642 until the French revolution in 1789. It is classified as a World Heritage site by Unesco. Notably known for its Hall of Mirrors, its fountains and its gardens and groves designed by gardener André le Nôtre. With millions of visitors every year, it is the 3rd most visited monument in the Parisian region of Ile de France.

 Paris neige 2010
Versaille 1.jpg
Versaille 4.jpg
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Day 7

Breakfast, then the group and tutor will head to the airport (specified later) and say goodbyes.

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Paris painting holiday

Mobility Rating: If you are generally relatively fit, you can skip this part.

Test: I can walk 20 to 30 minutes at a time and climb two flights of stairs without it being strenuous.

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