Plein air painting class in NICE with excursions to Monaco and Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat is one of our painting / drawing art vacations in Europe.

Dates: April 16 (10:00 am) to April 20 (5:00 pm) 2018

Price: £390 (Non-painting guests join us for free)

This South of France painting holiday workshop, like our other destinations, is about painting in superb renown destinations with fabulous painting / drawing sites. This plein air painting / drawing group will enjoy discovering the city of Nice, and breathtaking excursions in Monaco Montecarlo and Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat.

5 full days of painting / drawing in a small group in beautiful South of France with like-minded people. This unforgettable art holiday workshop is open to beginners, intermediate and advanced level artists.

This South of France painting art workshops in Nice includes:

  • 5 full days of plein air painting / drawing (all media)

  • 25 hours of plein air tutoring minimum, in a relaxed environment. Our art holidays are plein air watercolour workshops, but  you can also choose acrylic, drawing, oils or pastels.

  • Art materials adapted to your medium (paints, pencils, paper, brushes, eraser/rubber, water cup, tape) 

  • Board and stool provided

  • Tutor's guiding on exciting excursions

  • Help with accommodation/lodging (hotels, rentals...), and transportation.

Non-painting partners or friends are welcome to join the groups's outings and meals, and go absolutely free. 


Have you been looking for a holiday art course in France? Introducing Azenart's 2018 art holiday in the South of France? Come paint (or draw) with us! Alone or accompanied, beginner or more advanced, you'll love our exciting French painting/drawing holiday break on the French Riviera, with fabulous excursions to Monaco and majestic Saint Jean Cap Ferrat.

Our ART HOLIDAY in Nice, South of France:

On this 2018 painting trip, Azenart will show you an inspiring week in the heart of one of Europe's most sublime scenery setting, amongst the bluest of blues of the Mediterranean. We've planned divine excursions to the surrounding coasts leading to Montecarlo, Monaco.

We'll stroll, sketch and paint on the PROMENADE DES ANGLAIS , as well as in the VIEUX NICE (picturesque old part of town), and in the COURS SALEYA(typical and renown Nice flower, veggetable and fruit market). You'll love local delicacies like Le Pan Bagnat (very Niçois tuna and veggies sandwich), La  Pissaladière (caramelised onion tart), La Socca (a lip-smacking chick-pea snack), and more. But let's get back to art and painting... Two museum visits are planned on different days, and included in our prices; the MATISSE MUSEUM in Nice. A quick train ride away, and we will spend some time in the very breathtakingly scenic SAINT JEAN CAP FERRAT, and visit LA VILLA EPHRUSSI DE ROTHSCHILD where our hands will be itching to spread some colour on our paper! As promised, we will go to the very chic MONTECARLO, MONACO and the village of EZE with its absolutely head-spinning beauty, where we will sightsee and sketch/paint.


Nice, French Riviera art vacation schedule: 

Day 1. Tutors and group members will have met the day or night before to have dinner and get an introduction to the exciting painting workshop. On the first painting day the group meets at 9h30 for a 15 minute debriefing about what is planned that morning, techniques and so on. Then we'll head for the renown area of Nice called the PROMENADE DES ANGLAIS, one of the most famous sea-side promenades on the planet. We will have great fun sketching and painting/drawing until lunch, which we'll have together as a group, unless you'll wish to go your own way . After lunch, just when you thought you'd seen the prettiest view of Nice on the Promenade des Anglais, we'll go up for a strinkingly beautiful sight to "Le Château" also called Castle Hill (thankfully they have a lift / elevator!). We'll paint/draw the awe-inspiring view of the whole of Nice from the  belvedere overlooking the city (Nice), as well as the beautiful waterfall. After the day's work, we'll talk about everyone's pieces in a constructive manner. This will happen every day. We'll pack-up at about 4:30 or 5 o'clock, always respecting a minimum of 5 hours of tutoring per day, then you'll be free to explore Nice or to get some rest at your hotel. Dinner is usually eaten as a group at a local pizzeria (Nice is also famous for its pizzas!)

Day 2:  Meet up at 9:30 am. This morning, plein air painting at the COURS SALEYA, an important flower and fruit/veggetable market where colours and scents will flood our senses. Lunch (local food) in the pittoresque old part of town (Vieux Nice) close by. Painting at the VIEUX NICE. Free time after the afternoon painting. We'll meet for our dinner at a local restaurant.

Day 3:A fabulous excursion is planned! We'll head for the sublime bay of SAINT JEAN CAP FERRAT (by train or bus) where we'll spend the day, have lunch, and visit the very sumptious VILLA ET JARDINS EPHRUSSI DE ROTHSCHILD, a jewel of the Mediterranean, where we'll sketch and paint in the gardens. Back to Nice for dinner.

Day 4: A visit to the very famous MATISSE museum on a hill side of Nice called Cimiez,  is planned for day 4 in the morning.  We'll do some sketches of Matisse's croquis and paintings. Group lunch. Then painting at the VIEUX PORT in the afternoon. Group dinner.

Day 5: Another explosively colourful ALL DAY excursion is planned in MONACO, where we'll stroll, then settle and paint. We'll aso visit a spectacular village overlooking the Riviera called EZE which we'll reach by bus from Monaco. We'll stroll and do some sketching and painting there. Then back to Nice around 6:30 pm. Group dinner.


This schedule could be subject to change or have days or outings swapped around. Should weather conditions be unexpected, we'll strive to find exciting alternatives!


PLANNING MY PAINTING / DRAWING TRIP IN THE SOUTH OF FRANCE: Because painters will be purchasing meals and accommodation directly from providers (hotels and restaurants), costs are considerably lowered. Azenart can help with flights and accommodation. 

Flights (£90 or less when booking early), accommodation (from about £50/night when booking early), meals (reasonnable food for £30 per day), Ligne Azur 7-day pass + Eze ticket (£20), entry to Matisse museum (£5), entry to Villa Ephrussi (£12)