2020 PAINTING HOLIDAY in SICILY, Italy for painters or drawing artists.

Join us for a thrilling art holiday in Sicily Italy, to paint the amazing light of this authentic island in the Mediterranean sea. This quality painting holiday will be sure to thrill you as an artist, whether you are a beginner, intermediate or a confirmed artist. We will explore and paint (or draw) Sicily, visiting different areas of the island.


  • One week on site.

  • Tuition from a qualified artist in a small group (from Sunday to Friday). What will I learn? Please visit our Tuition page.

  • Art materials: Depending on your chosen medium: Paint or pencils, paper, paintbrushes/pencils, and other accessories which you’ll be able to use. More on art materials here: What’s provided.

  • Art equipment: Board, stool, easel (for acrylics and oils).

  • Fabulous excursions.

  • Entry to the Valley of the Temples and to Villa Palagonia.

  • 7 nights SINGLE ROOM accommodation in a villa close to Palermo. Visit our Accommodation section.

  • Breakfast and Lunch or dinner depending on schedule.

  • Local transportation to and from painting sites.

    Coming with a non painter? Please contact us.

    Not included: Traveling to Sicily, personal travel insurance, restaurant meals.

Painting trip Sicily

Painting holiday in SICILY, Italy.

October 11 - October 18 2020


Pasta with tomato sauce basil and grated parmesan

Day 1: Arrival day. Welcome with wine at the accommodation.

Day 2: Breakfast, time to relax, and then guests will have one-on-one with the tutor where art and expectations will be discussed. Lunch at the villa. In the afternoon, we will be off to authentic Cefalu to paint. Cefalu, (named by the Greek) is a seaside place with a population of 14000 people, where paint boxes and brushes will want to pop out of every painter’s bag! You’ll love capturing the serenity of its tired yet picturesque intricate houses, its emerald colored water and the cliffs that plunge in the Mediterranean.

Sicily art holiday in Italy
By Mehu

By Mehu

Day 3: Breakfast. We will spend the day resting and painting at the villa and have lunch.

Day 4: Breakfast. Around 10:00 AM, we will head for Palermo, start sketching/painting and have lunch there. We will then spend the afternoon painting in Palermo. Back to the accommodation where we will have dinner. This beautiful city founded in 734 BC on the northwest (Tyrrhenian) coast of the island, is the capital of the autonomous region of Sicily. It is rich in architecture, history, gastronomy and culture, with graceful Greek, Roman and Arab influence. Dinner at the villa.

Art holiday Palermo
Watercolor art holiday Sicily

Day 4: Day spent painting at the villa. Different options will be to finish Day 3 paintings or to do some still-lives.

Sicily panting holiday

Day 5: Breakfast followed by a day trip to one of the most Sicilian towns: Bagheria. Known for the place where The Godfather part III was filmed as well as other films, it also holds a famous and mysterious villa named Villa Palagonia which we will visit and where we will do a preparatory sketch for a painting.

Sicily painting holiday
art holiday in Sicily
Sicily painting holiday

Villa Palagonia in Bagheria Sicily. The villa was built in 1715 by the architect Tommaso Napoli. It is known at The Villa of the Monsters. A hunchback married to his unfaithful spouse is known to have lived there. 30 of his wife’s lovers were sculpted into monsters. Villa Palagonia’s audacious architecture and history will be sure to captivate you as an artist.

Day 6: Breakfast. Morning painting at the villa. Lunch. Afternoon outing in Cefalu to paint.

Cefalu Cathedral

Cefalu Cathedral

Day 7: Day excursion to Agrigento. We will visit and paint at Valley of the Temples, the world’s largest archaeological site, included in the Unesco World Heritage Sites list in 1997. You’ll be astonished by its grandeur and artistry. Although the excavations (due to archaeologist Domenico Pietrasanta) cover 1300 hectares, we will concentrate on a much smaller area. Valley of the Temples is considered to be one of the nicest areas of Sicily to visit, a definite bucket list favorite. Dinner at the villa.

2020 Sicily art holiday
Drawing holiday in Sicily Italy

Day 8: Departure day. Breakfast and goodbyes.

Sicily painting holiday

Sicily painting holiday

Mobility Rating: If you are generally relatively fit, you can skip this part.

Test: I can walk 20 to 30 minutes and climb one or two flights of stairs without it being strenuous.

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