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CINQUE TERRE Painting Holiday Painting / Drawing Workshop.

Cinque Terre painting group
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You've probably heard about Cinque Terre. It's a chain of villages on the Western Italian Riviera coastline, in the Liguria region. It includes 5 villages ('cinque' in Italian): Riomaggiore, Monterosso Al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, and Manarola. The villages and the surrounding hills are part of the Cinque Terre National Park. 

Join us for this quality plein-air painting workshop. 

Dates: Sun APRIL 14 - Sun 21  2019

You pay £390 when booking. Accommodation is paid separately once the group is complete:

  •  7 nights in a single room, in shared accommodation. (£200 per participant). FREE for non-painters sharing a room. 

What's not included?

Your trip to Cinque Terre, food, train pass (£61).

What artistic level do I have to be?

We welcome all levels. Complete beginners, false beginners, intermediate, improvers, more advanced artists. 

What medium?

You may choose from the following media: watercolor, acrylic, drawing (all drawing media), oil pastels.

Who's the tutor?

Marie Remond will be accompanying the group on this trip to Cinque Terre. You may view her profile in our tutor's section.

What's the group size?

Our groups are small, with a minimum of 2 participants and a maximum of 8.

Can I come on my own?

You may most definitely come on your own. You will be with like-minded people for the week.

How fit do I have to be to join?

You by no means need to be an athlete to join this plein-air workshop painting holiday in Cinque Terre, Italy. Cinque Terre is a string of villages on rugged hills, and although we try and avoid sporty itineraries, you should be able to walk at an easy no rush pace for 15 to 20 minutes at a time, without it being strenuous.

How do I get to Cinque Terre?

There are 2 airports you can use to get to Cinque Terre. Those are GENOVA and PISA. There have been great low prices to Pisa if you're coming from the US on Norwegian Airlines. Other great deals if coming from Europe with Ryanair or other airlines. Once in Pisa or Genova, you'll be able to take a shuttle to get to the train station, and take a train to Cinque Terre, where Marie the tutor will meet you. You can buy your train ticket online on TRENITALIA.COM. Trains stop in every village of Cinque Terre and are frequent.

Please note: It is not recommended renting a car in the area as roads are difficult and parking spaces complicated and expensive.

 Painting and drawing group in Cinque Terre

Painting and drawing group in Cinque Terre


Day -1 (Sunday): Meet up at the train station amongst participants and tutor. Dinner.

Day 2 (Monday): Breakfast at the apartment / flat or house, in a cheerful artistic mood. (Breakfast: coffee, tea, eggs, toast, jams, fruit and fruit juices)  After breakfast, off to our first day of painting (or drawing if that is your chosen medium) at Riomaggiore. This beautiful 13th century village known for its history and for its wine, is the southernmost village of the Cinque Terre chain, and has inspired many artists amongst Telemaco Signorini. We will paint /draw in this beautiful village for the whole day, with a relaxed morning session, lovely lunch there, and an afternoon session. Each session is 2 to 2 and a half hours. Free time starting 4 pm. Dinner as a group at a restaurant in the village.

Day 3 (Tuesday): Breakfast at the house or apartment.  After breakfast, we'll take a short train ride to Manarola village where we'll spend the day. Throughout both morning and afternoon painting sessions, everyone will have a choice of diverse subjects to paint/draw: scenery with small boats, colored houses, seascape and rocks, and even greenery. We'll spend the day at Manarola (and also have lunch there). Free time around 4 pm. Dinner.

Day 4 (Wednesday): Breakfast together at the house / apartment. We'll then take a short train ride to Corniglia, the third village in the string of the Cinque Terre villages. A free bus will take us up to the village in a short ride. Corniglia is the only village without a port. We'll paint/ draw in the village for the day and have lunch there. 

Day 5 (Thursday): Home-made breakfast at the house. We'll then gather our things and take a short train ride to Vernazza, a fishing village of the Cinque Terre with a natural harbour known to be one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. Its highlights include the incredible views from its 16th century Belforte Tower, the Doria Castle (11th century), and the Santa Margherita d'Antiochia church. We'll paint there in the morning, have lunch, and have an afternoon session there as well. Free time around 4 pm. Dinner.

Day 6 (Friday): Breakfast together. Then we'll take the train to go to beautiful Monterosso Al Mare. We'll paint the Monterosso Castle, have lunch, then head for the Monterosso Giant and the beach in Fegina for some more art. Free time around 4 pm. Dinner.

Day 7 (Saturday) Breakfast together. Painting in Riomaggiore in a different area from the first day, morning and afternoon session, lunch. Optional wine tasting after that afternoon's painting session. (We did say "after"!)

Day 8 (Sunday) Departure day. Breakfast and goodbyes. Tutor accompanies group at train station (train then heads for airports).

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