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Painting Holidays - Italy & France



Painting Holidays - Italy & France


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Painting and drawing holidays in Italy and France. One week from £890. Choose our unforgettable art holidays in Europe, in breathtaking destinations. 

If you're looking for a painting holiday in Italy or France for artists or people who like to paint and/or draw, you've come to the right place. Our watercolour painting holidays are also drawing, pastels, acrylics, gouache and more . You choose your own medium. We're here to please you. All artists welcome, from beginners to advanced levels, in a relaxed environment with spectacular views.


What's Different about our ART HOLIDAYS? 

We aim to give our customers the very best and we take you to stay and paint (or draw) in the heart of the art throughout your holidays.

  • While keeping prices affordable, we've opted for 4 star hotel accommodation in destinations such as Venice where artistic inspiration lives and breathes; gorgeous Capri (accommodation on the island); eternal Rome; our duo holiday Amalfi + Pompeii; and sumptuous Nice (South of France). Our small groups stay in hotels in the centre of these destinations. That way, we're in the heart of the art, and don't need long commuting trips to get painting, or drawing if that is your medium. (No farmhouse retreats in the countryside with Liugi the Chef making home-cooked meals. As nice as that sounds, that is not our thing.)

  • Our meals are all restaurant meals, and hotel buffet breakfast.

  • We keep our prices accessible, so that our guests get the best value for their money.

  • We only do painting holidays (with qualified tutors). Nothing else.

We also cater to private groups, and groups with a teacher. Contact us.

What's included in an AZENART painting holiday / vacation?

  • Consumer Money protection. Azenart is a company registered in London, UK. We are a member of Protected Trust Services in the UK (PTS). Your money is protected when you book with us, from the time of your booking to the end of your holiday. 

  • £200 off per booking, when booking early on most holidays. 

  • Airport welcome pick-up and drop off.

  • Welcome drink

  • 4 star hotel accommodation in the heart of our destinations.

  • £200 or more off for a non-painting partner or friend.

  • Meals: Full board or other possibilities. See your chosen destination's package for details.

  • Plein air tutoring by qualified tutors.

  • Local transportation to and from painting sites. (Unlimited Pass for Nice, Venice and Rome).

  • Fabulous excursions and entry to museums in group activities.

  • Equipment provided for the duration of the holiday: Board and stool. (We can provide an art pack for your chosen medium with a £75 supplement).

Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth.
— Jalaluddin Rumi

What's not included in our holidays?

  • Snacks, hotel mini-bar, room service orders.

  • Small material (paintbrushes, pencils, paper...) An art pack can be supplied with a £75 supplement.

  • Flights (Because some of you come from London and others from Australia, we could not include travel. However, when booking early, flights from most major European cities cost less than £50. Less than $500 for an overseas flight booked early.) 

Read more about our painting holidays just below our destinations. 

Our Destinations

About our new ART HOLIDAY IN the SOUTH OF FRANCE...  

Come paint in France with us! Alone or accompanied, beginner or more advanced, you'll love our exciting French painting/drawing holiday in Nice on the French Riviera. 

Nice, Promenade des Aglais by ALAIN DEMARTE

Nice, Promenade des Aglais by ALAIN DEMARTE

Are you tempted by a painting trip in Europe? AZENART takes you on stunning art painting holidays in the heart of Europe's most inspirational locations, where your artistic expression can flourish amidst awe-inspiring surroundings. Beauty is our business! We'll take you closest to the perfect painting site settings where you'll be able to capture the magnificence!

Whether you are a complete beginner or a confirmed artist on our painting trips (where you can also draw), you'll fit in perfectly to join our small painting groups in any one of our gorgeous destinations. To go with our comfortable group accommodation, our art vacations include breakfast and some or all meals depending on the destination, plus fantastic painting / drawing sites, a lovely tutor who is able to teach beginners, or more advanced artists, wonderful excursions,  the "big" equipment lent to you during the holiday, and fun artistic togetherness!

You've heard of painting holidays or art vacations before, you might even have been on one already. Now is the time to experience one of our holidays! We aim to please. We really do. Our concept is simple; stay and paint in renown star destinations. We want our customers to get the most out of their vacation and to come home having their own special works of art to show for the fantastic time they had. You've never painted or haven't painted in years? So what! You don't paint but only sketch or do watercolour pencils? Fantastic! At Azenart, you are perfectly free to choose your medium. (We do however make specific recommendations for oil paints, as these are not easily compatible  with a painting holiday due to long drying, and hence difficult to carry around, unless you bring your own carrying case).

You and your partner or friend are both interested in visiting one of destinations, but only one of you paints or draws? No problem! You can both come and the non-painting partner or friend gets £200 off.

When considering going on one of our painting trips, please know that some of our dates are set closely from one holiday to the next in order for our customers to enjoy 2 holidays in a row. Contact us for discounts. 

What's it like going on a painting holiday?

Do you ever feel like people around you don't fully measure your artistic capacity or interest? Like it's a secondary matter? Well, when you're on a painting vacation (literally from the word 'vacate'), you are for a few days in an art cocoon, where everyone speaks your 'language'; the language of creation, of art, with the very same enchantment you have when  seeing beauty, shapes, colours. Your group members are your art peeps, and you will most likely boost them the same way they will boost you. People on art holidays often ask themselves, "why hadn't I traveled like this before?". Some art travellers are afraid of joining groups alone, but they quickly realise that others are also going on art holidays by themselves, soon to make friends with other like-minded people with whom they keep in contact, and who sometimes end up going on other painting holidays together!  

Contact Azenart

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