PAINTING HOLIDAYS in ITALY & FRANCE 2019 - Watercolor, drawing, oils, acrylics, pastels, gouache… Looking for a great art holiday in France or Italy? You’ll love ours.



PAINTING HOLIDAYS in ITALY & FRANCE 2019 - Watercolor, drawing, oils, acrylics, pastels, gouache… Looking for a great art holiday in France or Italy? You’ll love ours.

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Quality 2020 PAINTING HOLIDAYS in Europe's most breathtaking destinations. Our painting holidays in Italy and France offer a week of painting fun (or drawing) with talented tutors in small groups (an average of 6 to 8) with artists from beginners to advanced levels. We offer multi-media art holidays. Materials and equipment included. The mediums we offer are: watercolors, drawing, acrylic, oil, gouache and pastels.


Art holidays in Italy and France. Unwind and paint (or draw) with like-minded people in the heart of magnificent Venice, Capri, Tuscany & Florence, Cinque Terre, Capri-Amalfi-Pompeii (our 3-in-1 art holiday), Rome, and now also in Paris, Châteaux in France (painting holiday in the Loire Valley), but also Brittany and Sicily; our new exciting 2020 painting holiday destinations.

Accommodation: 7 nights SINGLE ROOM in comfortable accommodation in the heart of the art.

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2020 art holidays DESTINATIONS

Venice Group 1.jpeg

VENICE Italy - Painting/drawing Holiday

Course + 7 nights Single Room accommodation + Breakfast + Lunch + Art equipment + Art materials + Weekly Transportation pass + Art excursions at fabulous painting sites in Venice + Sightseeing + Welcome.

Cinque Terre group 2.jpg

CINQUE TERRE Italy | Painting/Drawing Holiday 2020

Course + 7 nights Single Room Accommodation + Breakfast + Lunch + Art equipment + Art Materials + Local Transportation to painting sites + Art excursions in Cinque Terre and Lerici.

Pompeii 2.jpeg


(Pompeii - Amalfi - Capri)

Course + 7 nights Single Room Accommodation + Breakfast + Lunch + Art Equipment + Art Materials + + Entry to Pompeii + Entry to Monte Solaro + Art excursions at unbelievable painting sites + Sightseeing.

Nice group 1.jpeg

SOUTH OF FRANCE (Nice, Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, Eze) - 2020 Painting/Drawing Holiday

Course + Art Equipment + Art Materials + 7 nights SINGLE ROOM Accommodation at a villa in Nice + Breakfast + Lunch + Entry to Villa Ephrussi + Local Transportation to jaw-dropping Art Excursions/painting sites.

Tuscany painting holiday florence

TUSCANY & FLORENCE - Painting/drawing in the beautiful Tuscan countryside + sightseeing in Florence.

Course + Art Equipment + Art Materials + 7 nights SINGLE ROOM accommodation at a countryside Tuscan villa with a swimming pool & olive trees + Breakfast + Lunch + Sightseeing in Florence + Chauffeured Vehicle at the villa.


CAPRI Italy - Painting/drawing holiday on the island

Course + 7 nights Single Room Accommodation at a villa on the island + Art Equipment + Art Materials + Local Transportation on the island + Entry to Villa San Michele + Entry to Monte Solaro + Stunning Art Excursions / Sightseeing.

ROME Italy - Painting/drawing holiday in the heart of the ancient city.

Course + Art Materials + Art Equipment + 7 nights SINGLE ROOM Accommodation in Rome + Art Excursions (painting sites) in beautiful Rome + Lunch + Breakfast + Local Transportation Pass for the week.

Sicily painting holiday.jpg

SICILY Italy - 2020 Painting Holiday

Course + Art Materials + Art equipment + 7 nights SINGLE ROOM Accommodation in a villa + Breakfast + Lunch + + Art Excursions and sightseeing on the island of Sicily + Local Transportation + Site entries to Valley of the Temples and Villa Palagonia.

châteaux art holiday

CHATEAUX Painting holiday in France - Loire Valley 2020)

Course + Art materials + Art equipment + 7 nights SINGLE ROOM at a villa in the beautiful Loire Valley + Breakfast + Lunch + + Local Transportation + Castle Entries.

Brittany painting holidays

BRITTANY France 2020 Painting Holiday

Course with tuition and a great tutor, small group + Art materials + Art equipment + SINGLE ROOM accommodation in Pont Aven + Breakfast.

Paris art holidays

PARIS France 2020 Painting Holiday

Course + Art Materials + Art Equipment + SINGLE ROOM Accommodation in Paris + Breakfast + Lunch + Local Transportation weekly pass.


What will I learn?

Throughout the week, you will be rewarded with personal artistic improvement and self-confidence as an artist.

In fun and easy ways, you will learn or improve:

  • The basics of sketching, (drawing based on observation).

  • Paintbrushes and their usage.

  • How to paint and sketch outdoors.

  • Value, tone (lights and darks).

  • Shadow management.

  • Efficient composition.

  • Perspectives.

  • Proportions.

  • Vertical and horizontal orientation in painting or drawing.

  • Colors (mixing).

  • Painting subjects.

  • Lifting or ‘scraping’ color.

  • Different effects.

  • And more!

You can refer to our PAINTING & TUTORING section for more details. 


Voted one of the BEST PAINTING / DRAWING HOLIDAY WORKSHOPS by the press.


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Voted Azenart Painting Holidays 1 of the best 8 painting holidays available.

Our new 2020 plein-air painting holidays in Italy and France include:

  • Tutoring in a no-stress relaxed environment with a talented tutor.

  • Accommodation: 7 nights in a single rooms in a rented condo or house.

  • Breakfast

  • Lunch or Dinner on most destinations.

  • Art equipment provided.

  • Art materials provided.

  • Local Transportation on most destinations.

  • Entry to painting sites.

  • Exciting excursions: Your tutor will take you to paint/draw jaw-dropping scenery.

  • Airport meet-up and welcome on some destinations.

Which medium can I use?

Our painting holidays are mostly “en plein-air” (outside) art classes at fabulous excursions, with some teaching in the gardens of the accommodation (depending on the destination). Our art holidays are multi art media. You can choose  your favorite medium including watercolor, almost any drawing media, hard pastels, gouache, acrylics or oils.

Sightseeing on Azenart painting vacations in Italy and France.

Our painting holidays are artfully complete, and the tourist in you will be thrilled by our spectacular excursions / painting sites.

Our painting trips are also customized vacations / bespoke holidays for groups of painters or painting groups with a teacher. Contact us for quotes.

The Artist The Leisure Painter Painting holidays

Azenart painting holidays are featured on painters-online.co.uk, and in The Artist and Leisure Painter.

More about Azenart ART HOLIDAY WORKSHOPS in Italy and France:

Choose our unforgettable art holiday workshops in breathtaking destinations. Are you tempted by a painting trip in Europe? AZENART takes you on stunning painting holiday workshop tours (and/or drawing) in the heart of Europe's most inspirational locations, where your artistic expression can flourish amidst awe-inspiring surroundings. Beauty is our business! We'll take you closest to the perfect painting site settings where you'll be able to capture the magnificence!

“Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth.”

— Jalaluddin Rumi

Painting Trip in France


Come paint in France with us! Alone or accompanied, beginner or more advanced, you'll love our exciting French painting/drawing holiday in Nice on the French Riviera. 

Nice, Promenade des Anglais by ALAIN DEMARTE

Nice, Promenade des Anglais by ALAIN DEMARTE

Whether you are a complete beginner or a confirmed artist on our painting breaks (where you can also draw), you'll fit in perfectly to join our small painting groups in any one of our gorgeous destinations. Our art vacations include fantastic painting / drawing sites, a lovely tutor who is able to teach beginners, or more advanced artists, wonderful excursions,  art equipment provided + paint/pencils and paper. Plus, let's not forget fun artistic togetherness, an important part of painting trips.

You've heard of painting trips or art vacations before, you might even have been on one already. Now is the time to experience one of ours. We aim to please. Our concept is simple; paint in renown star destinations | Venice, Capri, Rome, Cinque Terre, Amalfi Coast, the South of France, Tuscany & Florence painting holiday, and also Sicily, Paris, Chateaux in France (painting castles in France) and Brittany, France. We want our customers to get the most out of their vacation and to come home having their own special works of art to show for the fantastic time they've had.

You've never painted or haven't painted in years? No stress. Perfect beginners or "rusty" artists leave our beautiful European destinations with art work they can later frame and be proud of. 

Drawing holidays: You don't paint but only draw or do watercolor pencils? Fantastic! At Azenart, you are perfectly free to choose your medium. Drawing is one of them.

Painting with oils: We do make specific recommendations for painting with oils due to long drying times, and difficult portability. You’ll need to bring your own carry case. However, you are free to choose oils if that is what you wish.

You and your partner or friend are both interested in visiting one of our destinations, but only one of you paints or draws? No problem. You can both come, the non-painting partner sharing your room does not pay the Azenart course fee (just a supplement for accommodation), and he or she is free to join excursions. 

When considering going on one of our painting classes in Europe, please know that some of our dates are set closely together from one holiday to the next in order for our customers to enjoy 2 holidays in a row.

What's it like going on a “plein air” painting course in Italy or France?

Choose any one of our exciting painting destinations: Venice where artistic inspiration lives and breathes, the gorgeous island Capri, eternal Rome, Amalfi Coast, unbelievable Cinque Terre, sumptuous Nice (South of France), Tuscany & Florence painting holiday or our new 2020 painting holiday destinations in Sicily, Paris, Châteaux in France (painting castles in France’s marvelous Loire valley) and Brittany, France.

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