A note about Azenart painting holidays accommodation.

To keep prices low, we rent holiday homes directly from local owners. Chosen accommodation is shared among the group (villas or apartments). They are clean, practical and usually a maximum of 15 minutes away from painting sites. We aim for confort, lower prices than hotels and good geographical locations. Our accommodation is generally appreciated by our painting guests. We would like to make a specific note to our lovely overseas guests: Our rented villas and apartments are typical European-standards holidays homes. Decoration may be local and rooms may not be as large as in the US or Canada. Some rooms are en-suite (private bathroom) but unless specified, bathrooms are shared. This is not a problem, as there is plenty of time to get ready in the morning. Our low accommodation flat rate prices range from £45 to £65 per night, including breakfast.

Should you need to contact us about accommodation, preferring a hotel room, please let us know, we will always do our best to fulfill specific needs. Our destinations are beautiful tourist destinations and hence, hotel prices are high. Nightly rates typically start at £150 per night. Please note that guests cannot book hotel accommodation on their own.