Relax, you can travel light when packing to go on one of our painting or drawing holidays. Your tutor will bring most of what you’ll be needing.

What your tutor will be bringing for the duration of the art holiday:

  1. A stool. These have proven time and time again to be very confortable and lightweight. Good friends to our buns.

  2. An Azenart painting/drawing board. You’ll be able to tape some paper and start drawing or painting on it. Very lightweight, yet sturdy.

  3. An easel (if you’re painting with acrylics or oils).

  4. An apron.

  5. Paintbrushes

  6. Paint/Pastels/Graphite pencils (depending on your medium).

  7. Paper

You’ll also be able to use:

  1. An inflatable cushion.

  2. Artist tape.

  3. Scissors

  4. Drawing gum.

  5. Watercolor pencils.

Our reference for art supplies is Jackson’s Art Store.