A creative trip I will never forget! Good planning on behalf of Azenart for places we visited. Nice group and a special tutor. I had never been to Rome before, so this was a treat in more ways than one for me. Discovering this remarkable city and being able to draw it was simply astonishing. I really recommend doing this trip to people who love art and beautiful places like Rome.
— C. Douglas (NZ)

2019 and 2020 ART HOLIDAY IN ROME

All artistic levels. Watercolor, acrylic, oils, drawing, pastels, gouache. 


  • Sunday September 29th - Sunday October 6th 2019


Are you looking for a 2019 or 2020 art holiday in Europe?

Who as an artist, has never dreamed of a painting holiday in Italy. At Azenart Painting Holidays, we offer quality painting breaks in Italy and France.

Sight-seeing and painting/drawing in a relaxed atmosphere with a small group of like-minded people who enjoy life and its colors. Unwind and paint. That’s what it’s about. On this painting course, guests are in Rome from Sunday to Sunday and enjoy 6 days of tutoring at a relaxed pace, by a talented artist.  Plenty of one-to-one if needed with the tutor. We provide the equipment (stool, board, easel id needed), and basic materials (paint and paper).

Please know that you can choose to paint or draw on this painting trip.

This Italian art escapade focuses on "plein-air" painting / drawing at main attractions throughout the holiday. Artists of all levels will feel great excitement at painting in the heart of the art. This means painting/drawing Rome, in Rome. Not the outskirts. Indeed, this art break in Italy includes fantastic Roman outings and lots of fun.

Rome is a feast for painters / people who draw, whether they are beginners or confirmed artists. This magnificent city embodies the world’s most powerful empire led by Julius Cesar. All these centuries, it has remained a powerful symbol of European civilisation.

Azenart Painting Holidays will guide you to fabulous painting sites throughout the week on your art vacation, right in the heart of Rome. We’ll not only paint but also sight-see in places too busy to settle in, but that you as a tourist cannot skip. Different landmarks we’ll be sightseeing or painting at are The Colosseum, Roman Forum, Palatine Hill, Campo di Fiori, Trevi Fountain, Baths of Caracalla, Ponte Sant’Angelo. You will be able to see Piazza Navona and the Spanish Steps on your free time, or with the group.

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What will I learn?

As an artist, you'll want to see your environnement on artistic terms.

  • Self confidence about painting / drawing. Being confident when doing art is important. It helps "unleash" your potential as an artist. Being in a small group, you'll get a feel of what's good in your work, and learn to see it differently.

    • e tutor will help you with composition (which part you'll want to paint of what is around you).

    • Depending on your level, help with your sketching. Drawing is a fundamental part of a good painting.

    • You'll also learn or improve value (light and dark). That is understanding and recreating how light will appear on different parts of your art work.

    • And much more! Please refer to our TUTORING SECTION for more on painting techniques.

Which medium will I be able to use on this painting holiday in Rome

This Rome painting holiday is a multi-media art holiday. You may choose to use watercolor, acrylics, oils, drawing, hard pastels or gouache. (Please note that although you are free to choose oils on this Rome art holiday, please be aware that oils are complicated on painting holidays because of long drying times and difficult portability / mobility. You will also have to bring a specific carry-case.)


What is included in our Roman art vacation?

  • Artful fun with like-minded people.

  • Tutoring with a talented tutor. A qualified art tutor will accompany the group throughout the painting sites, (or drawing if you choose to draw). Whether you are a confirmed painter / an expert in drawing, or a perfect beginner, you'll paint or draw at your own pace. The tutor is there to guide the group, but also to accompany each person as they wish to be, from simple guidance, to A to Z progression if desired. You set the pace.

  • Art equipment provided.

  • Art materials provided.

  • Exciting excursions in the heart of ROME throughout the week.

  • Accommodation: SINGLE ROOM. The group and tutor stay in Rome at a comfortable rented apartment or house depending on the group's size. Visit our Accommodation section.

  • Breakfast + Lunch.


DAY 1 

Actual 2020 accommodation photo to come at a later date.

Actual 2020 accommodation photo to come at a later date.

ARRIVAL. The group settles in at the accommodation. There will be an introduction to the painting holiday in Rome at dinner. 


Late breakfast and easy morning. Tutor will do a short debriefing about what is planned that day (this will happen every day).

By late morning, the group will head for the renown COLOSSEUM in the center of ROME. Those wishing to enter the Colosseum and visit its inside will be able to do so. Those wishing to stay on the outside and start sketching will be able to do that.

Lunch in the area. After lunch, we will spend our afternoon session painting/drawing the Colosseum’s fascinating outside structure. You’ll have a feast with different earth and stone tones, blues, and greens.

Free time after our afternoon painting session.

Dinner at a local Trattoria (restaurant). 




Breakfast. By mid morning, tutor and group will start the day by visiting PALATINE HILL. Palatine Hill is the center of the Seven Hills of Rome. It is one of the oldest parts of the city. 40 meters above the Roman Forum you will have a spectacular view looking down upon it. Group and tutor will then have lunch in the area. The afternoon painting session will be spent at the gigantic ROMAN FORUM just below. You'll be baffled by the antique immensity that has attracted historians and archeologists for centuries. Free time after the afternoon painting session. Dinner.

Roman Forum (all right reserved on this Azenart image).

Roman Forum (all right reserved on this Azenart image).


Azenart drawing holidays 2.jpg

Breakfast. Free morning. Around noon, we will head for lunch near the picturesque CAMPO DI FIORI (fruit and vegetable market) area. After lunch, we’ll set up for our afternoon painting session at gorgeous PIAZZA NAVONA. Known as Navona Square in English. It is a square in Rome, originally built on the site of Stadium of Domitian (1st century AD) where the ancient Romans gathered to watch different games. It was then known as Circus Agonalis; the arena of competition. The current plaza follows the shape of the open space of the stadium. We’ll then have some free time after the afternoon art session. Dinner in the evening.


Rome painting holiday

Morning: You'll most definitely want to have a coin handy when we get to TREVI FOUNTAIN. The saying goes that if you toss a coin in the fountain, you are sure to come back to Rome! Trevi Fountain is always extremely busy with tourists crowding around the water to kiss, take selfies, and throw coins. Situated in the Trevi district of Rome, this stunning Baroque fountain was designed in 1732 by Italian architect Nicola Salvi and later completed by Giuseppe Pannini. The Trevi fountain is a whopping 26.3 meters high and 49.15 meters wide, which makes it the largest in the city and one of the most famous fountains in the world. We will have lunch in the area. You will also see close-by SPANISH STEPS (PIAZZA DI SPAGNA). After lunch, we will head for the amazing BATHS OF CARACALLA for some sight-seeing and lunch in the area. These Baths were Rome’s second largest Roman public baths, most probably built around AD 212, during the reign of emperor Caracalla. They were used by thousands until 530AD and were later abandoned and fell to ruin. Group will take out their ocher and terracotta hues with glee for the afternoon painting session on this great site. Free time. Dinner.

Azenart holidays Rome

DAY 6 Breakfast. Morning painting on the terrace. Lunch. Afternoon spent painting at the accommodation.

DAY 7 Breakfast. Free morning. Lunch. We will spend our afternoon session sketching and painting/drawing on or by the famous PONTE SANT'ANGELO bridge and SANT'ANGELO CASTLE. This towering, cylindrical building in Parco Adriano (now a museum) was originally commissioned by the Roman Emperor Hadrian to be used as a mausoleum of his family and himself. Later, this robust structure was used by popes as a fortress.

After this highly enjoyable art session, the group will have some free time to visit the castle for whoever wishes to do so. Dinner. 

Rome art vacation.jpg


Breakfast, group and tutor travel to the airport. Goodbyes.

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Getting to Rome, meals (budget depends on what you order, etc. You can also make your own at home meals), local transportation pass (+-£21), entry to sites (+-£16 total).

Please note: Settling in places to paint / draw: We'll use our comfortable foldable stools (provided) whenever we'll be able to. In certain places where there are steps for example, small inflatable cushions will come in handy.

About meals: Meals are taken as a group in restaurants for lunch. If you wish to go your own way however, you most certainly can. 

Schedule: We'll pack-up after our painting sessions whenever we are finished painting. Those wishing to leave earlier will of course be able to. You will then have some free time.

This painting holiday in ROME is a watercolor holiday, but also an acrylics and oil painting holiday, and is generally called a multi-media art holiday.