Painting holiday in Italy

2018 & 2019 dates for our VENICE PAINTING/DRAWING HOLIDAY

2018 Venice painting / drawing course

Sunday September 30th - Saturday October 6th 2018

2019 Venice painting / drawing courses  

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We offer a painting /drawing open-air class in Italy, in one its most remarkable, ageless and timeless cities. Small group of like-minded people. Beginners to advanced levels welcome. 

You've been looking for a holiday or vacation where you can paint or draw?

 2017 Venice group

2017 Venice group

Welcome to our Venice painting holiday workshop and to the world’s most captivating 17th century setting, where the streets are made of water.

Breathe in Venice, and... breathe it out slowly. Take a delectful dive in this art holiday. Abandon yourself to your brushes or pencils in the most famous live open-air decor set 400 years ago. 

Paint Venice in its very heart for the whole of your holiday. Our fabulous Venice excursions include close-by Venice islands Burano, Murano and Torcello. 

What's INCLUDED in our Venice painting holiday?

  • 1 week of tutoring in a small group (maximum of 8 participants) exclusively in the heart of Venice and its islands.

  • Accommodation: 7 nights*, single room in a shared condo/flat or house among participants and tutor. *(2019 only)

  • Art materials included: paint/pencils, paper. (Bring your paintbrushes and the small stuff).

  • Equipment provided: Board/easel, stool, inflatable cushion.

  • Fabulous excursions painting and sight-seeing at Burano, Murano and Torcello.

Not included: Flight to Venice, food, water-bus tickets. 



  • Day 1: In the afternoon before our first painting day, the tutor will meet the group to welcome everyone at the airport at a set time. We'll get everybody in the right direction to buy their bus ticket and head to the condo to drop bags off. When everybody's freshened up, we'll be off for drinks/coffee and then dinner. Let the fun begin!

  • Day 2: We will start our ‘plein-air’ painting morning in the SAINT MARK'S SQUARE area where the tutor will give some explanations of that morning's "work". The group will sketch, paint/draw in direction of the ST. MARK'S BASILICA / DOGE'S PALACE / CAMPANILE (probably the most famous landmarks in Venice), jewels within a jewel.  We'll then have our lunch break. We'll stay in the area in the afternoon (so much to see) but we’ll paint/draw different views, this time facing the waters of the GRAND CANAL. When our day is over, we'll have our photo taken on the oh so famous BRIDGE OF SIGHS and have a well-deserved coffee or tea break at a nearby café. We'll have informal, constructive art talk. Free time, then dinner.

  • Day 3: We will start Day 2 by painting/drawing in the area of the RIALTO BRIDGE. This is one of THE Venice postcards view that you'll love seeing. This area can be quite busy with tourists, so although we will "visit" the bridge, we'll take a bit of distance to work on it and other subjects, such a gondolas, from the canal with a gorgeous view of the Rialto Bridge. Around noon, it'll be time for lunch. Afterwards we will head to the ACCADEMIA BRIDGE, which you'll recognize immediately. The view from Accademia is breathtaking!  We'll paint/draw there until about 4:00 or 4:30. Suggested group dinner at the very romantic Bar Foscarini, a pizza restaurant just beneath Accademia Bridge. We'll relax, have a Spritz (famous Venice drink) and dinner (no obligation),  and talk about painting and what they've seen in Venice.  

  • Day 4: We'll visit the utterly beautiful SANTA MARIA DELLA SALUTE CHURCH (free entry) in the morning, and spend our morning painting/drawing session there. Lunch. Our afternoon session will be spent in the quiet area of the VENICE ARSENAL where we will paint/draw until about 4:00 or 4:30. Then a trip to LIDO ISLAND (about 10 minutes of Vaporetto) will be suggested for dinner.

  • Day 5: A fabulous excursion to BURANO island, which is a colorful treasure nested among the Venetian islands, where we'll paint / draw a good part of the day and have lunch. Then, after a quick boat ride, an equally exciting afternoon painting excursion in perspective on TORCELLO island, where you will paint/ draw Santa Maria Assunta, an extraordinary Venetian-Byzantine style church, first built in 639 AD. Back to Venice center by Vaporetto at the end of the day. Dinner. Suggested night outing* at Venice's most beautiful gold leafed concert hall LA FENICE where they'll be playing Gioachino Rossini, Il Barbiere Di Siviglia.

  • Day 6: The morning will be spent sketching and painting/drawing a run of the mill (if anything can be called "run of the mill" in Venice) picturesque sites, 'simple' and lovely to paint.  Lunch break. An excursion to visit MURANO island is planned for the afternoon's painting/drawing programme. We'll visit a GLASS FACTORY and GLASS SHOP, where we'll do some quick sketches of glass subjects. That's always tricky and fun! Free around 4:30 or 5 pm. Dinner.

  • Day 7: 2018 date: Breakfast and goodbyes. 2019 dates: Burano and Torcello will be one day each, as opposed to both on day 4.

  • Day 8: (2019 dates only) Breakfast, goodbyes at the airport.


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* Those wishing to enjoy an evening show at LA FENICE theater as a group outing should let us know.

How will we get around? With a weekly Venice Pass by vaporettos (hop-on hop-off bus boats) and by walking. Lots of tiny streets in Venice (some funnily narrow!) and quite a few mini bridges with steps on them to cross tiny canals. You should be prepared to walk, but the pace will be easy and relaxed.

What if I'm a beginner, won't Venice be too complicated to paint or draw? Not to worry, the tutor will have you concentrate on fewer subjects and take it one step at a time.

About group lunches and dinners, mostly sit-down lunches with maybe a sandwich lunch by the water, depending on what and where we're painting. Dinners at local places. Please note that you are free to go your own way if you wish to. Also, if you would rather continue painting and take a quicker lunch break, that's fine too. 


More about this Venice painting course...

You've been looking for a holiday or vacation where you can paint or draw?

Different central sites to be painted every day, a helpful tutor, artistic togetherness and fun with your group!  

Anyone who’s ever been to Venice has never forgotten it. As soon as you step into it, you are under a spell of enchantment, where even the light seems to be different.  It's far from being sappy or over-rated. It is simply a painter’s absolute paradise, where what seems to be allusion or allurement is actually real life. You’ll easily imagine Casanova or Canaletto taking gondolas in the canals, crossing bridges,  their capes flowing about, taking in the beauty of the famous Piazza San Marco, Rialto Bridge and many other landmarks. Being there, painting and sight-seeing, you are guaranteed to feel that you're an exciting part of it. Venice embraces its visitors. Painters leave with their personal art work, their heads full of fantastic memories. Non-painters are never bored, and always wish they could stay much longer to see it all! 

But Venice is also about relaxation and culture. Our small group takes time to enjoy every morsel of the holiday. There is no set time schedule per say. Only rounded guidelines, to get us painting again after a canal view lunch, for example. 

More about this Venice painting holiday workshop: 

  • Excursions

‘Plein-air’ painting holidays are by definition full of outings. Excursions on this Venice holiday are special day trips where we'll head out a bit farther into the Venitian islands: Burano, Murano, and Torcello.

  • Burano is a small Venitian island known for its colorful houses, delightful to paint!

  • Murano is a world renown island known for its talented glass blowers. We'll visit the glass factories.

  • Torcello is a peaceful island with a monastery, also fantastic to paint or draw.

  • 1 week with 6 fulls days (2019) or 5 full days (2018) of tutoring with a caring and friendly tutor.

Let's not take the ZEN out of Azenart! It's your well-earned Italian painting break, and you've earned it! Your tutor will lead the art group to delightful, picturesque sites every day. You will learn basic and new techniques. If you are a beginner, the tutor is there to teach you A to Z painting, or simply guide you if that is your preference. If you're a confirmed artist on this painting trip in Venice, the tutor is at your service to answer any questions you might have, but also teach you new tricks. Sketching and painting/drawing is planned outside, in the heart of the art. If weather conditions make that difficult, there are always fun temporary indoor alternatives.  

  • Art materials provided: Paint/pencils, paper.

We'll be doing watercolors, but you are free to do any drawing media (soft pastels are not recommended as they are volatile), acrylics or oils. Please note that oil painters will be required to bring a wet canvas carrying case and will be asked to be extra careful in the accommodation (staining).

  • Stool, board or easel are at your disposal for the duration of the stay.

  • Group airport meeting and welcome by the tutor.  

Please note that you can book your Venice painting/drawing holiday with an online deposit of £175 ($230) if event is 60 + days away, and if sooner by a full payment of £390 ($500). This includes the course and everything relevant to the course (tutoring, art equipment, art materials). You will be asked to pay for the accommodation separately (about £200). 

 Painting in front of the Basilica Santa Maria de la Salute, Venice.

Painting in front of the Basilica Santa Maria de la Salute, Venice.

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