What to visit on a holiday in Rome (Italy) when you like art?

As a tourist, it's always difficult and somewhat stressful to pick the right visiting itinerary when discovering a new city.

Depending on how much time you have, the shorter the break, the more confusing and pressing your itinerary will become. The best and most rational way to organise your trip, is to research from home your main points of interest. For example, on a weekend break, you'll have to concentrate on a few major absolute 'bucket list' landmarks. You probably won't have time to visit many musuems, but you will be able to step into a few churches. On a week-long holiday, you'll be able to scratch the surface, visit most major attractions and take more time visiting museums. Although the best way to see Rome when you appreciate art and especially if you like to paint and/or draw is to go on a painting holiday in Rome. Indeed, Painting vacations are a great way to discover a city like Rome, as they focus on major landmarks and also give you some free time to roam around freely in this magnificent historical and artistic hub. Art is everywhere in central Rome. By art, we also mean architectural beauty. Below is a list of major Roman landmarks rated 1 to 10 (1 being the most attractive).


  1. The COLOSSEUM: This ancient gladiatorial arena built in 70AD (El Colosseo in Italian) is by far the most representative of all landmarks of Rome. 

  2. The ROMAN FORUM: Close to the Colosseum, the Roman Forum is an excavated part of the city where lay the ruins of several government buildings of ancient Rome.

  3. The TREVI FOUNTAIN: A famous glorious landmark in the heart of Rome built in the 18th century. Its dimensions are impressive. It is over 26 m × 49 m, that is about 86 ft × over 160 ft!  The saying goes that anyone who puts a coin in the fountain is sure to visit Rome again! (Worked for me!)

  4. The PANTHEON of Rome: An ancient Roman temple which is now a church with a very impressive high-ceiling dome. 

  5. SPANISH STEPS: Beautiful baroque stairway and meeting place built in the 18th century at a French diplomat's request.

  6. SISTINE CHAPEL: Part of the VATICAN MUSEUMS, this chapel is famous for its 16th century ceiling painted by Michelangelo.

  7. ST PETER'S BASILICA: A late renaissance breathtaking church built in Vatican City. 

  8. VATICAN MUSEUMS: Masterpieces art galleries, exhibiting both classical and renaissance works of art (plus SISTINE CHAPEL).

  9. ALTARE DELLA PATRIA: A marvellous marble temple honoring kings and soldiers.

  10.  PIAZZA NAVONA: Piazza built in 1st Century AD, with a beautiful classical fountain, bars, and street artists. A nice place to meet and hang out.


Visiting Rome can be quite expensive. It could be worthwhile taking the option of a group packaged holiday to Rome, as this could end up being cheaper than booking everything seperately.

In any case, prefer visiting Rome in the spring or in the fall (spring can be chilly but fall is the ideal time of the year), as it can get unbearably hot and sticky in the summer! We certainly hope you'll enjoy Rome!