Our time in Capri was just extraordinary. The group itself, the tutoring tailored to everybody’s needs, the food, the island, the painting sites (oh the painting sites!!!) were absolutely amazing. The accommodation was comfortable and central. It was a house with single rooms for all of us. This is truly a must-go holiday, if you have to choose one, definitely choose this one!
— Maddy Moore (UK)
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CAPRI, ITALY ART HOLIDAY 2019 and 2020. A beautiful island just waiting for you off the Amalfi Coast in Italy. Painting/drawing course in the open air. Join us today for an unbelievable art adventure.

On this art holiday, you can choose to paint or to make it a drawing holiday in Italy, or do both.

All artistic levels. Watercolor, acrylic, oils, drawing, pastels, gouache. 


  • Sunday to Sunday on the island.

  • Airport welcome at Naples Airport.

  • 6 days of tuition, painting/drawing in a small group.

  • Art materials provided.

  • Art equipment provided.

  • Guiding by tutor to stunning painting sites. You and your group will be taken on jaw-dropping art excursions. Painting spots include exciting places like Monte Solaro and its breathtaking views, Belvedere Punta Cannone (Faraglioni di Capri), Marina Piccola, Casa Rossa in Anacapri.

  • Accommodation: Single room, 7 nights on the island of Capri, Italy. Visit our Accommodation section.

  • Breakfast.

Accommodation: Single room, 7 nights. Rooms with private bathrooms available.

About our 2019 and 2020 Capri art holiday accommodation. This year, we have hand-picked two authentic Caprese houses close to each other, each with a lovely flowery garden in a quiet area of Capri called Anacapri.

What’s not included: Traveling to the island of Capri. Shared taxi (£6 pp). A few bus tickets on the island (£1.50 each). Meals except for breakfast which is included (budget depends on what you order, etc. You can also make some meals at the accommodation). Entry to Villa San Michele (£7). Chairlift to Monte Solaro (£10).

Medium: This Capri art vacation is a multi-media art holiday. This includes watercolor painting holiday, any drawing media, hard pastels, gouache, acrylics and oils (although slow drying times and difficult portability make oils a tricky medium on painting holidays. A wet carry case is a must.) Whichever medium you decide to work with, you will enjoy painting Capri in Capri. Exceptional beauty with an extra-special Mediterranean authenticity is what awaits you.


MOBILITY: You do not need to be an athlete to join this holiday. However, you do need to be able to walk at a regular no-rush pace for 10 to 15 minutes to get to places. There are not many steps we will be climbing in Capri, but please note: A few steps at Marina Piccola in Capri, not many. A 15 minute walk up soft flat steps to get to Punta Cannone. Guests not willing to make the walk will have the option of painting at Piazza Umberto instead.


Please note that sites and activities could be switched around in the schedule due to possible locally planned events or the weather.

DAY 1 (Day of arrival)


The tutor will meet the group at NAPLES AIRPORT, and accompany guests to the FERRY, which will arrive in CAPRI. Everyone will be getting great views already! Once the luggage in place at the accommodation, and all are freshened up and rested, we'll go out and have dinner.

Every day there onward will start with an ‘at home’ breakfast where each person will take care of his or her breakfast content.


  • Late breakfast with a relaxed morning at the villa.

  • Lunch and afternoon painting at the charming and pittoresque MARINA PICCOLA. We’ll be painting its splendid scenery by the beach.

  • Free time around 4:30.

  • Group dinner at a local restaurant (for those interested).

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  • Breakfast

  • Painting at the villa

  • Late morning visit to the famous Swedish physician Axel Munth's VILLA SAN MICHELE. (From The Story of San Michele, published in 1929). This villa, 327 meters above sea level (no hard walking to get to it) is known in Capri for its panoramic views and for the villa itself. To die for.

    Villa San Michele's gardens are adorned with fabulous relics and art work dating from Antiquity and ancient Egypt. The villa’s gardens from which you can see the Vesuvius volcano, are now part of the Great Gardens of Italy.

    On the way back, you will most probably want to stop at the shops; one of them being THE LIMONCELLO (a lemon drink specialist). Another is L'Oasi Ceramiche (gorgeous local ceramics).

art holiday Italy
Painting holiday Italy Capri


  • Afternoon painting session spent in ANACAPRI, painting/drawing the ANACAPRI church or LA CASA ROSSA, a historic building of eclectic style located in the heart of Anacapri. It is characterized by its red Pompeian color and was built between 1876 and 1898 by American Colonel J.C. MacKowen, who collected archaeological finds of different origins. The Red House today hosts a collection of beautiful paintings that represent different views of CAPRI between the 19th and 20th centuries.

  • Free time

  • Dinner

La Casa Rossa (courtesy of Capri.net)

La Casa Rossa (courtesy of Capri.net)


  • Breakfast

  • Morning visit of Capri town’s Piazza Umberta

  • Lunch at Ristorante LONGANO

  • Afternoon 15 mn walk up to PUNTA CANONNE BELVEDERE to reach spectacular view (simply heavenly eye food!) where we'll paint the famous rocks that often represent Capri, the FARAGLIONI DI CAPRI.

  • Back to town center by about 5.

  • Free time.

  • Dinner



  • Breakfast

  • Morning painting at the villa.

  • Lunch

  • The afternoon will be spent painting and sketching a still life and vegetation at the villa with a suggested home-cooked lunch. A quiet and relaxing afternoon can prove to be greatly entertaining and restful. There will of course be wine and snacks like veggies and crisps/potato chips.

Capri painting holiday


  • Breakfast.

  • Late morning: Group and tutor will go up MONTE SOLARO, it is the highest point of the island (589 m) which we'll reach by a very entertaining chairlift (don't worry, even 8 year-olds take it!) The views are guaranteed to leave you speechless. Photos will speak for themselves on this one. This Caprese mountain contains the "Fortino di Bruto", a blockhouse used in battles between France and Britain and France in the early 19th century. Monte Solaro is characterized by its grand slopes which rise over the eastern and western sides of the island.

  • Lunch and afternoon painting at Monte Solaro.

  • Free time after the afternoon painting/drawing session.

  • Dinner

Capri art holiday


  • Breakfast

  • At mid-morning, we will head for MARINA GRANDE for a major part of our painting day. From the ancient fishing port, you’ll be able to capture Capri’s architecture with arched windows, its colors, its odd-looking taxis, its cliffs and so on. Marina Grande, situated on Capri’s southern shore, was used by emperors Augustus and Tiberius. Marina Grande was the first place where Greeks arrived at the Campania region in Italy. Some Capri women are still today known for their Greek features on the island.

  • Group lunch at a restaurant at the marina.

  • Free time at about 4:30.

  • Dinner

Capri Marina Grande.jpg


  • Breakfast

  • Ferry back to mainland Italy with group and tutor. Groups travels to the airport. Goodbyes.

Mobility Rating: If you are generally relatively fit, you can skip this part.

Test: I can walk 20 minutes and climb one or two flights of stairs without it being strenuous.

Capri painting holiday

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Please note that although you do not need to be an athlete to join this painting holiday, you will need to be able to walk without strain at a normal no-rush pace anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes at a time to get to places. It is also  frequent to have to walk up and down steps on the island of Capri. 


You've been looking for a painting or drawing holiday on the very island of Capri? Well, this is it! 

On Azenart's Capri art holiday, you’ll be blown away by this awe-inspiring authentic Mediterranean island with its beaches, beautiful cliffs, hills and typical colors and flavors of the Mediterranean. You’ll want to paint or sketch in plein air until you drop!  An island so beautiful you won’t know where to look first. Join us for this unforgettable creative adventure. We can accept up to 8 participants on this Italian painting/drawing trip. 

This Capri Italian art holiday is a watercolor holiday, but also an acrylics and oil painting holiday, and is generally called a multi-media art holiday.